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How to Pay for booking from Wallet

How to pay for a booking

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Pay with Wallet

You can pay while booking your shipment.

  • Click Done and be redirected to Booking Page to make payment
  • Click on the Make Payment button on the top right of the page
  • You can pay in full from your wallet or pay with credit (see below)
  • Once you confirm the charges with what was invoiced to you, click Complete payment
  • Select a service, which could be Air Freight, Ocean FCL, Ocean LCL, Inland (Truck & Barge) and/or Custom clearance
  • Have all the information about your consignment ready. The accuracy of your quote is dependent on the information you provide.

Details such as trade direction (Import / Export), Location, Commodity, Cargo weight and size, Cargo value, Cargo ready date, and Currency; you can also select any additional service you may need.

  • Then Click Continue


  • Click on Bookings on the side menu
  • Ensure the filter located at the top of the screen is set to “Pending” (Pending bookings are bookings that haven’t been paid for)
  • Click on the shipment ID of the booking you wish to pay for
  • Look Pay for booking ribbon at the top of the screen
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  • When you click the ribbon, a payment modal will be displayed on the right side of your screen
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  • You can either “Make full payment” or “Pay with credit”
  • If you make full payment, Your wallet balance will be offset by the entire invoice amount. If you pay with credit, only the stated percentage of the invoice on the upfront payment will offset your wallet balance. The rest will be covered by Paylater.
  • Paylater is a credit scheme offered by SEND to its customers
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