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Editing shipment details

How to edit shipment details

  • After creating a shipment, you’ll still be need to provide more details like the packaging type, BL number, supplier/buyer’s information e.t.c. for your shipment. You can also edit existing shipping details.
  • When you click on the shipment ID of a Booking or Shipment, you’ll notice that each section has an Edit button under the Details tab. When you click on it, you’ll be edit or fill in new information. Be sure to click on the Update button when you’re done.
  • The first editable section is the Main details section. This contains shipment information like Cargo description Commodity Quantity and Goods Value. These fields come pre-filled with information provided when requesting for a quote. There are however fields like BL number and Packaging type that always come empty. You expected to provide these information after booking your quote
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  • The second editable section is the supplier (for imports) or Buyer (for exports) sections. This is where you select or change you supplier/buyer form the existing list in Networks. You can also create a new supplier/buyer in this section
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  • The third section is the Notify party section. This is where you provide information on who gets to receive notifications on your shipment. You can also select your supplier/buyer as your Notify party by ticking the “Same as consignee” check box.
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