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Requesting a Quote/Booking a shipment

How to request quotes and book shipments

How to request your first quote

  • Click on Create New + at the top right corner of your dashboard. The click on New shipment
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  • Select the freight mode you want. This could be Air Freight, Ocean FCL, Ocean LCL, Inland (Truck & Barge) and/or Custom clearance.
  • Have all the information about your consignment ready as you will need to input correct details. Note that the accuracy of your quote is dependent on the information you provide. Details such as origin, destination, cargo value in USD, Incoterms, nature of cargo, the date for cargo pick up, cargo measurements, and additional services will be required. Then Click Continue With Booking
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  • Select a schedule. Then Click Continue With Booking
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  • Now you would be required to provide further description of your cargo and also information on your buyer/seller. Then Click Continue With Booking
  • You can create a new buyer or seller by clicking Add a Buyer or Add a Seller. It’s worth noting that once you add a buyer or a seller to your network, you don't have to re-add them in future (the system has it stored for you).
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  • Lastly, you would be asked to confirm your cargo and shipment details. Confirm that all inputted details are correct and without error. At this point you can either Save Quote or Continue With Booking . Saving the quote would store it in the Quotes section. You can always book the quote later. If you choose to “continue with booking”, you’ll find your quote in the booking section
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  • You would receive your requested quote in your mail shortly

How to see your quotes and determine its status

  • Click on Quotes
  • You should now see a list of all quotes
  • The status bar indicated the status of you quote - Pending, Booked, Ready or Expired
  • Use the filters at the top right of the page to select the quotes you want to see

Downloading your quotes

  • Click on Quotes
  • Click on the Quote ID (looks like this QN-12345)
  • Now you can see all the details of said quote
  • At the top right of the page, you will see the Download Button
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