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Using your Seller/Buyer/Warehouse for shipments

How to register a Seller/Buyer/Warehouse

  • There’s a section on Freight called Network. This consists of your Suppliers, Buyers, and Warehouses . In order to add to any of these categories click on Create New + to open the dropdown at the top right of the
  • In the dropdown, there are options to Add Supplier, Add Buyer, and Add Warehouse. When you click on any of these options a drawer will open for you to fill in details.
  • For Suppliers, you’d be required to provide bank information for situations like Trade Finance and Purchase Orders, where there would be need to pay the suppliers.
  • The address for each Network is used to identify the pickup and delivery address of your shipment. For example, if you’re exporting cargo the pickup address would be the Warehouse address and the delivery address will be the Buyer address. While for exports, the pickup address is the Supplier address while the delivery address is the Warehouse address.
  • For every shipment you can Edit the Warehouse address from the Main details section. And you can also edit the Supplier or Buyer address in the supplier/buyer section
  • Once you’ve filled in the details, click Save at the bottom of the drawer. You can always come back to edit the information.

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Why should you register your Network?

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